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Antagonizers: Nothing to complain about

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Pins help you to differentiate yourself from unwanted personal connotations – they protect you from undesirable reproaches. In the wide range of pseudo and semi-political amulets people wear, the unique pins of the Protest Supplies Store’s Antagonizers series, are not meant for differentiation or protection, but to start a conversation; opening up controversial domains to be interacted with on an interpersonal level. Very unrepresented, but pressingly present.. political topics, rather than the ‘standard’ post-modern political stances, are imaged in this series. Wear with pride, wear with conflict.

The 'Nothing to complain about-pin' is a little more than 3cm tall, and coloured with durable enamel and can be attached with a strong butterfly clasp clutch.  

Nothing to complain about?

That you’ve got “nothing to complain about” is probably a statement that raises quite a lot of eyebrows. “Haven’t you really got a single thing to complain about?” people might ask. Besides, a lot of people are really good at complaining. And once they see you are not, they most assuredly will complain about it. Counter with this pin one of the most common critiques to protest: that it is just a lot of people complaining aloud publicly. Raise conversation, spike engagement with this bold statement and open up discourse into what it means to ‘complain’.

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