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About the Protest Supplies Store:

Protest is one of our most important democratic rights. But protesting isn't easy.

Protest takes place in public space, a space offered, maintained and enforced by the government, however, most protests taking place in public space are directed towards the government. This neutralises protest: it fights on the terms of that which it fights against. What other domains can be unveiled for protest? What other forms of protest are there to be formulated? What does it mean to protest in our current age?

The Protest Supplies Store is an artist-run organisation which aim is to support and mobilise people to engage with their own political opinions and struggles through the development of subversive protest utilities, which we offer on this website.

Protest Supplies Store has a growing range of subversive products that unveil new domains for protest; we supply hand made, ready-to-use tools you will need for protest.

New in the Protest Supplies Store (2023): Marcher: Forum voor Democratie



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