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Antagonizers: This is a token

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Pins help you to differentiate yourself from unwanted personal connotations – they protect you from undesirable reproaches. In the wide range of pseudo and semi-political amulets people wear, the unique pins of the Protest Supplies Store’s Antagonizers series, are not meant for differentiation or protection, but to start a conversation; opening up controversial domains to be interacted with on an interpersonal level. Very unrepresented, but pressingly present political topics, rather than the ‘standard’ post- modern political stances, are imaged in this series.

This is a token? By Pam Plaschek

Congratulations, you are 24 hours woke! Just as woke as all the influencers, celebrities, and big corporations. Being woke means that you are aware of the problematic structures in our society and are standing up for social equality in a world where inequality is the norm. The white capitalist West is the culprit and should be opposed. Unfortunately, your wokeness doesn’t get much further than anti-racism Instagram posts, these gestures are only symbolic: a token. It is actually all about a positive image of the company – of you – meanwhile structural change remains absent.

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