MalieveldGras® - Making of

In this post we introduce the 'making-of' video that artist Willem de Haan has made about our newest product called 'MalieveldGras'®. He will take you through some research, production and distribution.

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Exhibition: burn a flag

In Nijmegen, the Netherlands at the Expoplu a series of 'burn-a-flags' can be seen and burned on a special burning rack.

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Protest and assemblism

In this essay, we will be investigating different forms of assembly by reading Staals ‘Assemblism’ and by reading parts of Butlers’ ‘Towards a performative theory of assembly’ and a corresponding book review by Alexis Bushnell.

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What is protest? Vol. 0

In this short article we will be exploring the notion of protest through a series of definitions and approaches. This article is also the introduction of a series of articles that go into the notion of protest in all its forms. 

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Written by Eef Veldkamp /

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