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About: Borrow-a-Nip - EN/NL

In the summer you regularly have to deal with the bare upper body of the man. This is regarded quite normal: bare skin, sometimes a belly, sometimes some muscles, almost always two nipples. Why is this not the case with the female nipple?

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Ready for Democracy?

Despite all the developments within democracy throughout the years, the democratic system still does not seem to be fully realised. Why does not everyone feel represented in today's society, even though every adult citizen has the right to vote? 

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Appropriating the protest, a tale of tokenism.

Today tokenism is just as present - if not more present. There is more and more advertising and through social media you get more images and information than ever before. Protest is also used as a token, to make a company appear emancipated and woke.

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About: 'Personalised Anonymity'

In this short article you will read about the background of 'Personalised Anonymity', and how it plays with the paradox that arises from it: using customisation in order to generate anonymity.

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MalieveldGras® - Making of

In this post we introduce the 'making-of' video that artist Willem de Haan has made about our newest product called 'MalieveldGras'®. He will take you through some research, production and distribution.

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Exhibition: burn a flag

In Nijmegen, the Netherlands at the Expoplu a series of 'burn-a-flags' can be seen and burned on a special burning rack.

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Protest and assemblism

In this essay, we will be investigating different forms of assembly by reading Staals ‘Assemblism’ and by reading parts of Butlers’ ‘Towards a performative theory of assembly’ and a corresponding book review by Alexis Bushnell.

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What is protest? Vol. 0

In this short article we will be exploring the notion of protest through a series of definitions and approaches. This article is also the introduction of a series of articles that go into the notion of protest in all its forms. 

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Written by Eef Veldkamp / www.eefveldkamp.nl

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