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Custom Balaclava: portrait

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The Custom Balaclava is a personalised and hand made face mask. Based on a portrait of you, a multi-coloured pattern is made which will be knitted by hand with durable fabrics into a balaclava. It is a one-size-fits-all model, specifically made for you.

About the Custom Balaclava
The balaclava is used to anonymize, but thereby deprives a personal motif while a personal motive becomes increasingly important during protest. The Protest Supplies Store aims to bring together these seemingly incompatible elements  under the motto 'Personalised Anonymity'. It invites buyers to hand in a portrait (photo) which will be used to make a balaclava. The "custom balaclava" gives buyers the opportunity to purchase a fully personalized balaclava, which still guarantees full anonymity. Alongside both expressing you and ensuring your anonymity, the Custom Balaclava is comfy, warm and does not itch.

How does it werk?
After buying your Custom Balaclava, you are asked to send us a photo of your face that will be used to make the Custom Balaclava. If you don't feel comfortable sharing a photo portrait, you can use this colouring image, and draw your portrait yourself and send it to us. The production time of the custom balaclava is one month, after which the shipping time to your respective country will apply.

The term "Balaclava" comes from a village of the same name in Crimea, where the garments were first produced during the Crimean War of 1853-1856 by order of the English Army. Originally, the face masks were intended to keep the heads of the English troops warm in the colder months. Since then, the balaclava has had many functions due to its multifunctional wearing style: for example to keep yourself warm, but also for protection in racing sports, or for most notoriously for camouflage. Because it can be worn as a hat, and can cover the face in more and less sizes, the Balaclava is popular among groups for who assurance of anonymity is of importance. For example, the balaclava is widely worn by police forces, soldiers, but also to a large extent by various protest groups and activists: especially when protests scour the edge of the law and are forbidden by officials, as we have seen in 2019 in Hong Kong where protestors ran the risk of being arrested and prosecuted for exercising one of the basic democratic rights that is under pressure: freedom of expression and assembly. Protesters use the balaclava to conceal their identity, but also as an (aesthetic) denominator that connects individuals. Protests literally try to give a face to a problem, respectively; and with the balaclava that face disappears. The individual and qualitative aspect of protest is therefore jeopardized by the balaclava. Hence the Protest Supplies Store came up with this form that ensures anonymity without depriving personality, so-called "recognizable unrecognizable". #personalisedanonymity #protest

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